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Innovation, Streaming, and High-Training Simulations: That’s Objective Reality VR.

Helping to further disrupt training environments through the use of virtual reality, we’re launching Objective Reality VR. A virtual and augmented reality development studio designed by experienced professionals in educational gamification. Taking what we’ve learned through traditional VR and the user experience through gaming, we’re excited to help push innovation in employee training and onboarding.

Today, our product has a significantly improved focus on results and building foundations for ongoing successes in the cloud, with a low-cost, high-fidelity training simulation designed for those in the industrial and manufacturing space.

We’re offering a way to stream mixed-reality simulations and training to a stand-alone device. This eliminates the need for expensive servers and trained staff to operate the equipment, more importantly enables robust technical training without the need of costly classrooms visits. *typically associated with multiple geographic technical support staff”.

Some of the capabilities are:

· VR/AR Simulation: Re-imagine your training and simulation needs with the highest fidelity options on the market. The gamified learning environments will train employees, improve retention, and increase productivity.

· Cloud Computing and AI: The revolution of AI is here to stay. As leaders in cloud computing, and with the use of compression and streaming platforms, the massive computing power of the cloud will deliver AI training that will adapt and learn over time.

The world can be transformed in the click of a button. If you are interested in having your company become a pilot for one of our employment job training simulations, contact Colin Rose at

To learn more, visit



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